Let’s switch to developer mode…

Settings…About phone…Build number…You are now a developer!

Well, it’s not just that easy, but following the above sequence of steps at least your Android smartphone enters developer mode.

Android phones have been around for quite a while, but did you know that nowadays Android can be found inside a variety of devices, including watches, TVs or even cars?

AVD, SDK or HAXM, what is the meaning of this acronyms?

Did you know that Kotlin is more than just a Russian island close to the city of Saint Petersburg?

Are you tired of downloading Apps from the store that don’t work the way you are expecting them to?


All right, it’s time to join the Android lessons next year and code your own!


And if you do your job as good as Yannik Rauter did last season you end up with a top-rated App like Connects Wear at Google Play Store too.


Challenge Accepted?

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